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Custom Trenchless Technology Solutions

Our Core Competencies

  • Understanding the negative effects of plumbing problems both underground and within building structures.
  • Understanding the dilemmas that customers are faced with and working hand in hand with them to find the best solutions, both financially as well as finding creative solutions together to achieve maximum results.
  • Developing multi-alternative solutions.
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Critical Elements for a Project

  • Clarifying goals up front will help Mike Douglass Trenchless Technologies ensure the best custom solutions.
  • Mike Douglass Trenchless Technologies understands the challenge is to maximize results while ensuring goals that were developed by both Mike Douglass Trenchless Technologies and the client are met.
  • We understand the necessity of protecting the client's needs and the budget goals that were set.
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Protecting the Client Far Exceeds a "Quick Fix"

  • Selecting a service provider is a major consideration.
  • Mike Douglass Trenchless Technologies believes the style and approach (including the chosen structure) of a service provider will have much more to do with the final satisfaction and results than placing a so-called "Band-Aid" on a project.
  • Mike Douglass Trenchless Technologies develops a model for alternative solutions so one can fully understand the total impact on the project.
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Financial Considerations

  • Typically, very successful customers are more concerned with quality of work and price associated with the project.
  • Mike Douglass Trenchless Technologies believes it is very important for the compensation structure to mirror the goals/objectives of the project.
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