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High Pressure Water Jetting: No More Clogged Pipes

Water Jetting

Every day, solid objects and debris pass through your pipes and build up along the sides. Eventually these blockages will affect the system in your building, even though most of the pipes are far out of the reach of household tools and drain unclogging solutions. In moments like these, you need professionals to water jet your pipes. The highly pressurized water that we blast through pipes is powerful enough to flush out anything blocking it.

Hire pressure jetting can clear through build-up in your pipes that accumulate over time, including:

  • Built up grease
  • Lime deposits
  • Concrete
  • Roots
  • Sand
  • And much more!

Your pipes can be cleaned and returned to like-new condition with the help of our powerful equipment and skilled technicians. Not only will this yield immediate results, helping your system work more efficiently, but it also protects your pipes from permanent damage.

No job is too big or too small for our specialists at Mike Douglass Trenchless Technologies. Contact us for a free estimate including a free video inspection of your pipes by calling (877) 426-8660.

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