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Mike Douglass Lining Services

  • We assume total responsibility for all aspects of operations, layout, mobilization, supplies, and equipment.
  • All work is completed by certified technicians and overseen directly by the owner. We communicate and keep the client involved throughout the project.
  • We utilize video technology to assess the lines prior to, during, and upon completion of the projects.
  • The Mike Douglass Trenchless Team has participated in some of the most complex projects in the U.S.A. and the Bahamas with unmatched success.
  • We are unmatched in our ability to quickly mobilize our experienced team with very short notice.
  • Our refined process, including clarifying goals up front, ensures we provide you with the best customized solution.

Mike Douglass Point Repair

  • We utilize video technology to inspect the repair during work and upon completion of the project.
  • Our mapping of problem areas lets you see areas of concern.
  • We employ robotic cutting where necessary.
  • The Mike Douglass Trenchless Team utilizes the latest technology in materials used.

Mike Douglass Performance Guarantee

We provide a financial guarantee of performance. We are confident and know from experience that our solutions provide a positive financial impact on projects. The results are:

  • Improved efficiencies of planning and execution.
  • Improved technology resulting in monetary benefits and quality performance.
  • Improved technology resulting in more precise identification of problems in lining and point repair.

What Is Spin Cast Pipe Rehabilitation?

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The newest in materials and rehabilitation method from Mike Douglass Trenchless Technologies is a polymer plastic mass intended for injection casting, which was developed specially to meet the challenges of plastic sewer pipe renovation.

This new technology makes it possible to create a seamless and durable new surface inside any pipe material without damaging existing structures. The material can withstand very large temperature variations, which allows for a wide variety of uses, including industrial sewer systems. High elasticity avoids the cracks and tension that can arise from thermal expansion or other mechanical stress. It adapts perfectly to changes in the axial and radial size of the pipe.

Resistant to temperature changes, similar materials have been used, for instance, in swimming pools, in water utilities, as protective coating on the internal surfaces of tanks, in surfacing new cast-iron pipes, and as inner surfacing for piping, including sewage, oil, and gas pipelines. The coating forms an antibacterial protection, which makes it suitable for use in sewers.

  • Suitable for injection casting of all pipe materials: stainless steel, plastic, copper, concrete, and cast iron pipes.
  • The material is environmentally and user friendly; it contains no solvents, styrene, or carcinogens.
  • Advanced hardware and high quality work ensure that no discontinuities are left between layers of casting.
  • The material provides good resistance to pressure, and to chemical substances and mixtures, such as detergents and hot fat mixtures.
  • This new innovation means that the building's floors and wall surfaces do not have to be damaged—and old pipes do not need removed—to repair blocked or broken pipes.
  • The result is that the lining of the old pipe gains a durable, elastic, beautiful, and smooth surface.d removed—to repair blocked or broken pipes.
  • The result is that the lining of the old pipe gains a durable, elastic, beautiful, and smooth surface.

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